Sinnet IDC advantages
  • High standard data center design

    T3+ data center design, shockproof cabinet, comfortable and spacious hosting space;

    High application modular design;

    Precision air conditioning system ensures constant temperature in the machine room;

  • Service management

    16 years IDC operation and management experience;

    ISO9001 and 2008 quality management system certification;

    7*24 hour customer service, engineer team 365 days equipment monitoring;

  • Multiple protection

    Equipped with high power UPS device and diesel generator as backup power support;

    Equipped the advanced smoking detection fire alarm system, using FM200 gas fire extinguishing equipment.

    The data center has environmental protection facilities such as dust proof, anti-static and so on.

  • 7*24 security guard

    The data center is 7*24 hour security guard duty.

    Double guarantee of access control system and fingerprint identification system;

    Strict machine room management system to ensure the safety of the managed equipment;

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