Sinnet Public Cloud

Sinnet Public Cloud

Sinnet makes full use of its own IDC resources to achieve customization and high controllability of cloud products, flexibly respond to users’ needs, and provide users with public cloud services of high stability, high security, high flexibility and high performance.


Sinnet cloud computing hardware platform

Sinnet cloud computing platform is built on the basis of a server clusters. It integrates these servers into a unified computing system through software programs, and then forms cloud hosts according to the needs of different users, and customizes the required cloud host for the users.

As shown below, the servers of the Sinnet cloud computing platform are connected to each other through Intranet switches to perform high-speed data communication among the server clusters. Each server connects the network router through the external network switch to access the cloud host to the INTERNET so that the cloud host of the cloud computing platform can carry out network services.

The Sinnet cloud computing adopts the OpenStack platform, and includes two master nodes, two application nodes and several computing nodes. 

Master nudes take charge of the integration of the platform content, resource configuration and backup, running Openstack main service and MySQL database. Application nodes are responsible for business service platform and the back-stage management platform service, running Tomcat WEB server for the administrator of the resource configuration and users purchase. Computing nodes provide the required computational hardware resources.

Sinnet cloud computing software platform

After the establishment of the Sinnet cloud computing basic network equipment platform, the relevant software will be installed in each server, and a computing software platform will be built, including a cluster management platform, a network topology management platform, a fault management platform, a performance management platform, a configuration management platform, and a user Management platform, billing management platform, etc., to complete the construction of software platform and provide users with one-stop hosting service.  
Cloud platform basic framework diagram as shown below:

The Presentation layer is the displaying pages. Customers, equipment managers and application owners communicate with other layers through this layer. The Logic layer is connected with each resource and function through the login, registration, identification, etc. The Resources layer provides cloud computing with the required hardware conditions.

The advantage of Sinnet host

Better price: brand server, no down payment, no deposit, zero maintenance, monthly payment, same performance with lower price;
Diversity selection: based on the various network resources of Sinnet, provide users with multiple choices; 
High performance: independent main engine business unit, independent hardware resources, providing exclusive bandwidth, ensuring high performance; 
High reliability: host service supports multilevel backup and recovery, including standby, system backup and application backup.
Self-service: through the browser-based self-service interface, customers can remotely install the operating system. Remotely and centrally manage the cloud servers distributed in different data centers. 
Rapid deployment: providing a variety of operating systems and application standard mirroring, which can be supplied and deployed instantaneously. 


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