Cloud disaster recovery

Cloud disaster recovery

Sinnet cloud disaster recovery supports the environment-wide application scenarios. Through professional services and ideas, deploy and manage cloud environment disaster for the customers. Meanwhile, through the advanced automated cloud tools, achieve highly flexible management and switching, exercise and control, and provide solutions to meet the needs of enterprises of all types of disaster recovery.

1, Application level disaster recovery cloud
Provide real-time protection of key data by using flexible and efficient data replication tools; Through the Ocean DraaS management platform, provides the monitoring and switching operation of the disaster recovery environment, ensuring the integrity of the disaster recovery service.

2, full life cycle coverage
Provide the end-to-end and full-cycle cloud disaster recovery services for enterprise customers, covering the daily exercises, disaster recovery, and switching, emergency operations and cut back, which are the whole disaster recovery loop. It makes full use of the cloud computing technology to dynamically adjust the supply of resources, improve the utilization of resources, and greatly reduce the cost of construction and operation and maintenance.

3, flexible delivery
Ocean DraaS can use public cloud disaster recovery delivery model, and also supports customized private cloud or industry-specific cloud disaster recovery delivery model for the enterprise customers.

4. Comprehensive coverage of enterprise services
From the data-level protection to complete end-to-end application level cloud disaster recovery services and disaster recovery automation management services, Ocean DraaS provides a series of disaster recovery solutions, covering the full range of business services.

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