Wide area network

Wide area network / metropolitan area network

Sinnet has powerful telecommunications resources in Beijing area. Based on the Beijing Telecom's ATM, DDN, frame relay, X.25, broadband network, IP public network, Sinnet offers various telecommunications infrastructure service for customers. With the aid of these resources, Sinnet provides users with a stable, efficient basic communications platform, to ensure that the user key services operate smoothly, and reduce the users cost in the communication infrastructure of the investment and management. 
Through the implementation of enterprise networks, secure and high-speed mutual visits between computer networks can be achieved, providing a good hardware platform for enterprises to realize the office automation and the running of information application management system based on computer network, so as to make the full use of all kinds of computer information technology to gradually achieve the purpose of the computer networking, informationization and modernization for the office and management of enterprises.
Sinnet not only has the unique advantages of telecom resources, but also cooperates with Tietong, Gehua and Great Wall broadband in all aspects. By integrating the advantages of each , and laying out the optical fiber, the broadband MAN with star-shaped distribution has been built centered on East Gate Plaza, Oriental Plaza, Beijing Hotel. It includes dozens of branch node with cables for ultra-hundred kilometers, covering most of the Beijing high-grade office building and the central business district. The network backbone of all equipment are used Cisco network products, to ensure stable and high access speed of the line.
Sinnet business covers: basic telecommunication consulting, optical fiber network, enterprise network (Intranet), campus network, broadband community network, distance education platform.


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