Network Integration

Network system integration is based on the requirements of the application in the network engineering, by using the system integration method, to gather the hardware equipment, software, network infrastructure, network equipment and network system software, and make them a whole system which is complete, reliable, safe, and efficient.
Sinnet net network system integration services include Internet integration solutions for SMEs, the EPR solutions for large enterprises and carrier-class operation services for a specific industry (WAN, MAN, etc.).

  • Internet integration solution
  • ERP solutions
  • Wide area network
  • IT automation business
  • IT monitoring service

Internet integration solution

Sinnet provide comprehensive Internet application solutions for users based on Internet access. From the establishment of basic communication network to the provision of complete application content, and constantly promote informatization and automation in users’ business. Sinnet proposes a Internet-integrated solution for SME users, and effectively reduces the lost caused to users due to the poor coordination between different service providers by a complete set of services from infrastructure to high-end applications. And it also makes the different levels of services run smoothly, so that the entire system act as a whole to produce benefits and protect users' investments. Moreover, it reduces the management costs of the users in the system operation in the future.


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